The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: BONUS EPISODE: The Journey to Happiness with Stephen & David Flynn of ‘The Happy Pear’

The journey  to happiness with Stephen and David Flynn from The Happy Pear!

The Happy Pear started out back in 2004 with Steve, Dave, a tiny shop and a dream of helping people to eat more veg. Fast forward 15 years, The Happy Pear now consists of  cafes, food products,  online courses,  cookbooks, a farm, a roastery, and a hundred amazing employees with a community of over 1 million people living healthier! 

Their latest  book is The Happy Health Plan, with information and recipes distilled from their  online courses that have helped over 50,000 people globally live healthier lives.


Click here to listen to the podcast where you can find full show notes and social media links


On the show today we talk about:

  • Their journey from rugby playing, beer drinking lads to meditating, vegan veg shop owners
  • Their business as a force for good
  • The importance of healthy environments that allow health to flourish
  • Being  vulnerable and authentic as key to living fulfilled lives
  • Their failures as well as successes
  • Laughter, Joy and contentment as the superfoods that enrich their healthy lifestyles


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