The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast:The Marvellous Adventures of Being Human

Today we’re talking about the importance of teaching children about health with Dr Max Pemberton who’s written a children’s body, mind and anatomy guide for children.

Dr Max is a writer, mental health doctor and Journalist. He has written 4 other books including, Trust Me I’m A (junior) Doctor which I read when I was a junior doctor 10 years ago and was serialised on Radio 4. His second book, Where Does It Hurt? details his experiences of working in an outreach project for the homeless and people addicted to drugs.

This new book explores the idea of children being aware of looking after themselves through food and nutrition and understanding the human body and how parents can facilitate that growth.

Today we chat about:

  • Max’s experiences of transitioning from adult to childrens literary projects
  • Work in the field of eating disorders
  • Why the way health messages are delivered, particularly over social media, are important
  • The health messages that are important to convey to children in an appropriate way

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What a pleasure it was to chat and to cook for Dr Max Pemberton on the podcast today – and I hope you enjoyed that episode as much as I did.

What a fascinating breadth of subjects we discussed today – and some super interesting conversations too!

I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Dr Max Pemberton’s new book – The Marvellous Adventure of Being Human – it’s an amazing book –  and I’m sure both adults and children will enjoy the book!


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