The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: The Language of Kindness

Today I want to introduce this pod with a quote from my guests latest book “ The language of Kindness”

‘Come with me on the wards from birth to death, past the special care baby unit and the double doors to the medical ward.   Run through the corridors to answer the crash bleep, past the pharmacy and staff kitchen and to the accident and emergency room.  

We explore the hospital itself as well as nursing and many other aspects.  What I thought nursing involved when I started – chemistry, biology, physics, pharmacology and anatomy – and what I now know to be the truth of nursing – the loss of people, psychology , art, ethics and politics.  

We will meet people on the way, patients, relatives and staff – people you may recognise already – because we are all nursed at some point in our lives.  We are all nurses’.

Christie Watson

I am speaking to the fantastic Christie Watson  – who is a bestselling writer with a special interest in nursing and mental health.  Having spent twenty years working as a nurse, she also holds an honorary Doctor of Letters for her contribution to nursing and the arts. She is Patron of the Royal College of Nursing Foundation.

Her non-fiction work, The Language of Kindness, published in 2018 was a number one Sunday Times Bestseller. It was a Book of the Year in The Evening Standard, New Statesman, The Times, The Guardian and The Sunday Times. Is has been translated into 23 languages, and spent five months in the Sunday Times Top Ten Bestseller lists.

We’re taking a slight turn from our usual chat about nutrition and lifestyle to talk about an interesting and important topic that impacts our wellbeing to the very core; Kindness.

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I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Christie – the rawness and the passion that she brings to her writing as well as how she speaks is so commendable.

Please do pick up a copy of the book – The Language of Kindness  – and don’t forget to check Christie out on Twitter and Instagram and her website on the links here.

Keep an eye out for Christie in the TV and media over the coming months and I can’t wait for The Language of Kindness to be a motion picture or at least a series on line as it tells the truth of what it is like  to be a healthcare practitioner in the NHS, particularly in the inner city areas.

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