The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #34: Fashion & Health with Venetia Falconer

Now the podcast this week came about after I heard quite a heated debate on Radio 4 called ‘The Morality of Fashion’ regarding Fashion and Environmental impact –  and I thought who better to ask about sustainability than my friend Venetia Falconer.

Venetia is a London based producer, presenter and host of the Talking Tastebuds podcast. She is extremely passionate about mindful consumption and slow fashion. Recently, she has been featured discussing Sustainable Fashion on on BBC World NewsBBC Radio 4’s Costing The Earth, NowThis News and BBC Radio London.

You may have seen Venetia on Tastemade, where she makes delicious vegan dishes and low waste beauty products. She regularly hosts events and interviews for brands including Sweaty Betty, Vevolution and The Body Shop.

“Human health and planetary health are fundamentally interconnected .. We are slowly waking up to the cumulative, time-delayed, and spatially removed effects human actions are having on the planet’s health. Since planetary and human health are fundamentally linked, preventing environmental damage and maintaining healthy ecosystems is the most effective long-term strategy to promote health in humans. In 1992, the ‘Commission on Health and Environment’ created by the World Health Organization (WHO) published a report entitled Our planet, our health. Its opening statement reads: The maintenance and improvement of health should be at the centre of concern about the environment and development.

A summary of some of what we discussed on the pod today:

  • Conscious fashion – being a lot more aware of when we choose to purchase fashion items
  • Many websites that can help you shopping with peace of mind
  • Check out charity shops and hiring clothes websites – which allow you to indulge in the hobby of fashion whilst not being as detrimental to the environment
  • Recognising the role of the consumer
  • How important our purchasing power is

Click here to listen to the podcast episode



‘ Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the entire world.  By 2050 it is set to give off a quarter of the world’s carbon emissions – it’s so damaging.  

I thought, if I’m thinking about what’s on my plate so intently, and thinking about plastic – fashion is such a part of that.  So much of our clothing is often made from plastic – so if you’re thinking about that plastic water bottle that you’re drinking from, you should be thinking about your clothes as well.  Equally, if you are thinking about where your food is coming from – where are your clothes coming from and who is making them and how much are they being paid?’

Venetia Falconer

I hope you enjoyed the conversation with Venetia as much as I did.  It’s so important for us as consumers to be aware of the impact of fashion on sustainability and what we personally can do to help.



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