The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: Exercise & Activity

Today we’re going to talk about something a little different with a good friend of mine,  Dr John Sykes aka “health and fitness doctor”.

Director of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine,  Dr John is a qualified GP with a strong interest in Sports Medicine. He regularly lectures at Bristol medical school and he’s the reason why I’ve been dragged down there so many times to talk to medical students!

In this episode, we talk about  why movement and exercise can benefit:

You can listen to the podcast here.

  • Inflammation balance
  • Support mitochondria
  • Weight loss and how this affects inflammation
  • Cardio respiratory fitness and its relationship to longevity
  • Cancer and preventing recurrence as well as improving outcomes during treatment


I’m sure you will agree – that was a super interesting chat that I had with Dr John – it’s clear to see that managing to fit some sort of exercise into our daily lives can be so incredibly beneficial to those of all ages.

I hope that you will be as motivated as I was after speaking with Dr John and will be having a look at the options for increasing the exercise and activity levels in your life, even if it’s by small steps at a time.

Focusing on lifestyle changes in your daily activities, like some of the tips that we spoke about on the podcast, can potentially lead to us all living healthier and happier lives.

If you’re interested on hearing more about what Dr John is up to, please click on the links here which will take you to the relevant social media pages.

We’ve also noted below here some of the references that we spoke about on the podcast.

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