The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: BONUS episode RUN TALK RUN with Jess Robson

*trigger warning* eating disorders is discussed on this podcast episode

Jess Robson is my guest today on the podcast and she is the driving force behind Run Talk Run. A global mental health support community that uses running as a means to facilitate peer support. Having experienced a difficult relationship with formal therapy, Jess found solace in opening up with ease whilst running and chose to open up that space to other people struggling with mental ill health. 


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Jess is an advocate for making running less intimidating – without care for pace, without care for PBs – she believes running can simply be a means to connect with our peers.

We have a wonderfully honest conversation talking about her own issues with eating disorders during her teenage years, how bulimia is a chronic condition that needs to be managed, the importance of personal responsibility online as well as food and exercise as tools for health as well as harm.

Please do check out Jess’ website and if you’re experienced in grant writing or fundraising I think Jess would welcome the opportunity to talk!

Enjoy the show!


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