The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: BONUS EPISODE: Preventing the next Pandemic , The Blunt Reality of Microbial Resistance with Dr Ravina Kullar

If we do not take action now, 30 years from now, over 10 million people will die every year due to antibiotic-resistant infections.

Dr. Ravina Kullar is an Infectious Diseases global expert and researcher, who has spent almost 15 years researching in the infectious disease space.

She is actively leading strategies worldwide to educate the public about various infectious diseases topics.  She has been invited to provide 3 TED talks, sharing her own personal patient stories and providing action items that everyone can implement to be a part of the solution of infectious diseases outbreaks.  She has also published over 40 research papers, and has been an invited speaker worldwide, educating both clinicians and the public. 

Dr. Kullar has been a public health advocate during this COVID-19 pandemic, educating the public via various media outlets. She is the Founder of duXsana, where she serves as the infectious diseases expert, and her team of building experts and interior designers help businesses in reopening safely, keeping infection prevention at the forefront.


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We talk about:

  • Dr Ravina’s painful experience with  antimicrobial resistance and how that sparked her career in infectious disease
  • The state of play  with microbes and COVID-19
  • The need for better investigations
  • 5 tips for reducing Antimicrobial resistance that we can be part of
  • The need to take vaccines

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