The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #101 Ending Food Allergy with Professor Kari Nadeau

Have you noticed the rapid rise in childhood food allergies? Peanuts, dairy, wheat, egg. All of these appear so commonly removed from children’s diets in schools and it’s not just children that are suffering. Adults are too. But is this a real phenomena and if so, why?

The numbers do not lie. Food allergy is a global phenomena afflicting 32 million Americans. One in 13 children in the US are diagnosed each year and the numbers are similar for the UK. One in 10 adults in both the US and UK have at least one food allergy. It costs 40 billion a year and worse still … it’s on the rise?


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But today, I’m speaking to an esteemed colleague who is at the forefront of the fight against it and she believes that today is the beginning of the end of food allergies and we are at the start of curing this disease for good.

Professor Kari Nadeau is Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics and For more than 30 years, she has devoted herself to understanding how environmental and genetic factors affect the risk of developing allergies and asthma, and the molecular mechanisms underlying these diseases. Her research is laying the groundwork for a variety of potential future therapies to prevent and cure.


On today’s podcast we talk about:

  • Professor Kari’s early career and how she got interested in food allergy
  • The definition of food allergy and how that differs from intolerance
  • The environmental impact
  • Maternal diet and early infancy diet with food allergy
  • Addressing parental guilt
  • Retraining the immune system to cure food allergy
  • The role of the microbiota
  • The D’s of food allergy – Dryness, Dirt, DNA, Detergent, Vit D, Dogs, Diversity

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