The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #71 The Cancer Series (1 of 3). What to eat for Cancer with Professor Robert Thomas

In today’s podcast we talk  about everything to do with the “emperor of all maladies”, the big C. 

Myself and Professor Robert have met on a couple of occasions at conferences geared toward healthy lifestyle and cancer, and I could not think of a more educated and enthusiastic person to have on the podcast who is up to date with the evidence and continues to wave the flag for lifestyle medicine and oncology.

Professor Robert Thomas is a Consultant Oncologist at Bedford and Addenbrooke’s Hospitals, a clinical teacher at Cambridge University and visiting Professor of Sports and nutritional science at the University of Bedfordshire. He is lead of a Lifestyle and Cancer Research Unit conducting designing and conducting government backed studies evaluating the impact of exercise, diet and natural therapies. 

More recently, he led the analysis of the 155,000 patient data set (PLCO) which has linked sugar with an increased cancer and tea and broccoli with cancer prevention. In 2019, he wrote the book “Keep Healthy after Cancer”, and remains medical advisor for the lifestyle and cancer website

We frame our conversation into 3 distinct areas to avoid confusion. What to eat to prevent cancer, during cancer and post cancer with the aim of reducing risk and improving outcomes. As cancer is an extremely broad field and confusing for even medical professionals to understand it’s biology, I want to remind listeners and viewers that this is general information and not to be taken as medical advice.


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In today’s pod we talk about

  • What Cancer is
  • The balance of genetic vs acquired cancer and the influence of lifestyle on risk
  • The general principles of how to avoid cancer
  • What foods to eat
  • How food exerts a positive impact on cancer risk
  • How we investigate the anti-cancer impact of food
  • Gut health and cancer
  • The Warburg effect
  • The implication of excess sugar on cancer risk
  • What to eat during cancer
  • The potential for ‘prehab’ initiatives
  • Vitamin D, Polyphenol and Probiotic supplements, Vitamin Supplements
  • Post Cancer lifestyle regimens to reduce the risk of recurrence
  • What an anti-cancer diet looks like
  • The Future of Oncology: Individualised medicine, Immunotherapy and Metabolic Oncology

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