The Doctor’s Kitchen Podcast: #68 Eating for Migraines with Dr Jessica Briscoe and Dr Katy Munro

Dr Jessica Briscoe and Dr Katy Munro are my guests from The National Migraine Centre which is the only national charity that provides a clinic for migraine sufferers and cluster headache patients. They have been delivering expert and evidence-based support for 40 years.

In addition, they are committed to advocating their desperate cause and educating healthcare professionals and started their own podcast called Heads Up, which aims to provide useful information for those suffering with headache.

Migraine is the third most common chronic disease in the world, affecting an estimated one in seven people and two to three times more women than men. In the UK approximately 25 million days are lost each year from work or school because of migraines which is why I wanted to do a comprehensive podcast on this topic discussing food and Lifestyle measures for migraine sufferers.

Click here to listen to the podcast where you can find full show notes and social media links

We discuss:

  • Why regular eating is key and maintenance of glucose and insulin levels to avoid attacks
  • Migraine Diet myths and potential food triggers
  • Low carb, high protein & fat balance measures
  • The potential use of Ketogenic diets for chronic pain and migraine
  • Food supplements with evidence: Magnesium, Vitamin B2, Co-enzyme Q-10
  • More info about migraine lifestyle, prevention and stress reduction techniques

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